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As human beings, we are wired to connect with memories of pure emotion and depth. When you book a videographer, you need to know what they aim to capture for you. You need to stop and ask yourself – is what they capture going to be relevant in 20 years from now? Will my kids, and grandchildren look through my wedding videos and see the essence of who we are, and were when we got married? 

I have a passion for capturing raw moments without pretense. Moments that are real and aren’t set up. Memories and experiences that are timeless. It’s those types of memories that will stay with you forever. 

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This wedding was a highlight for me! Renier and Lauren are two amazing individuals, and how fantastic it is to see two people in love and building all that they have on God. It was one of those weddings where you forget to look at the time and just be present in the celebration and joy. As far as weddings go, I can’t think of a better one to have spent my birthday at!

Thanks Renier and Lauren! You guys were great!  Regards, Corrie