About me

Hi there! My name is Corrie and I’m privileged to live in the beautiful town of Wellington in South Africa. I have a background in TV documentaries, and when I think back there are a few encounters that really left an impression on me. All of them are stories of extraordinary experiences of people that happened in a place and time we would otherwise consider ordinary. And as you travel and meet new people, you realize that these amazing stories are everywhere and all around us. These stories really fascinate me! Weddings can seem really similar on the surface, but that can’t be further from the truth! Each person has a unique story, and on these occasions all these threads come together. I will never get tired of capturing these stories!

When I’m not busy editing these together, I enjoy a ride out on my mountain bike into the countryside and mountains. I enjoy shows like Arrested Development and The Office, appreciate a good coffee extraction and a fine single malt every now and then! I love slow paced travelling and experiencing stories and places fully.